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Using AOL Browsers

PatE's Graphics Web site works best when you use a full-featured browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Please note that this site was designed for viewing with a black background. AOL "filters" or compresses graphics and web sites in order to speed loading. AOL basically determines what parts are important, and "filters" out all content that they deem as unimportant. If you use AOL and are having trouble viewing this site, or would like to view this site as it was designed, please follow these steps:

  • Sign on to your AOL account
  • While you are still signed on, minimize your AOL browser window
  • Open Internet Explorer or Netscape
  • Type or paste the NEI URL ( into the browser's address field

AOL Users Information: Having Problems with America Online Browsers?
All graphics viewed through America OnLine's Browser program (PC and Mac) are filtered. The purpose of this is to speed up download time and screen for explicit materials. In the process graphics data is lost (reduced) and the images may become fuzzy, or the original background and text colors may be set to AOL's default settings of black text on a white background. If you wish to see the graphics or web site as they were designed you will need to click on the "Load Original" button at the top of the browser. This will download the original images, but may take a little longer to load.

PC users have the option to use other browsers.
Using AOL 4.x, Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer will solve almost all viewing problems.

How to re-configure the AOL browser to view graphics on the web as they were designed:
If you use AOL to browse the web, you may have problems viewing graphics properly. The default settings can easily be changed to allow viewing of images as they were intended.

Internet Explorer - AOL
1. At the top of your AOL browser, click on the "Prefs" button.
2. Go to the Web Graphics tab and uncheck the 'Use compressed graphics' box. Click OK.
3. Now choose the "Advanced" tab located to the immediate left of the "Web Graphics" tab.
4. Click "Settings".
5. Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages," check "Every visit to the page."
6. For "Amount of disk space to use," choose "100% of drive."
7. Under "Current folder: C:WINDOWSTemporary Internet Files, " clikc "Emply Folder".
8. Click "OK"

I hope this helps - Please enjoy your visit to my site!